Jade Regent

The Storm Tower

The Storm Tower, located somewhere in the High Ice waste has proved a dangerous and inhospitable place.

The first hurdle was once again the Hoarfrost Spirits that seemingly lay beneath the snow and ice to rise and feast upon the warm flesh of the living. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to their new companion. Nibbs the Halfling perished quickly. Paralysed and unable to move as the undead feasted upon his small frame. Perhaps he underestimated the perils of this journey.

As the party of adventurers approached the Storm Towner (Nibb-less) an ill omen was in the air. Perhaps it was the ever-circling storm overhead, the unnatural wind or the black sludge in the moat. None can say what it was for sure but doom was certainly waiting.

As the party attempted to cross the broken causeway, they were surprised by two Chandas. Only Pell spotted the beast as they attacked but she was powerless to stop them. The Chadras quickly reduced Korobiete to a frozen popsicle, rushed Pell and Mordakai from dry ground into the sludge, and set the levitating Rathamon free, to fly away into the storm. Only the brave Sir Johnny remained to save the day and turn good back against against evil.

Mordakai, Pell and Johnny walked away from the formidable tower, dragging the bodies of their fallen comrades with them. Will they be back? Who knows…

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Journey to Tian Xia

30 Sarenrith I, Rath-Amon, and my fellow chronicler Sevrin Blue-Lips have secured passage upon an eight-wagon caravan leaving Karlsgard today for Tian Xia. Along the 6-month journey Sevrin and I hope to investigate the Nameless Spires at the Golarion’s north pole. The caravan is led by Ulf the master-guide, but I sense it’s true guide is the faith to Desna that most of the caravan’s pilgrims appear devoted to .. especially the more experienced venturers amongst them. They also seem loyal to a half-Tian girl who claims to be the rightful heir to the Jade Throne. Hmm …

13 Arodus 6 weeks in and we have crossed the Rimethirst Mountains. Today in the Giant Downs we slew its warden, the venerable frost giant sorcerer Kjaerrulf and his winter wolf familiar. We found amongst his keepsakes a salvageable wagon, the remains of the uber-guide Kargin, plus his detailed map of the pole and a golden astrolabe.

19 Arodus Fjording the Taraska River today we were attacked by 2 giant garfish, one of which ate Ulf before we could kill it. We retrieved Ulf’s corpse and now use necromancies to keep it preserved.

23 Arodus More ill luck, we were ambushed by an arctic Chimera which roared an avalanche upon us, effectively costing us 2 wagons, horses and drivers before we could dispatch it.

26 Arodus We arrive at Iqaliat, a small indigenous settlement, built into the High Ice’s cliff face. After pursuing the village’s secret demon-worshipping shaman Tanuak into a concealed ice cavern, he and his quasit familiar fled through a fissure in the ceiling. We lost Severin in the battle, through a combination of wind-macicks and gravity.
“1 week later” We have just returned to Iqaliat after fulfilling our quest to slay the white she-dragon Vegsundvaag that had been incited by Tanuak to terrorize the town. In 3 days we depart to the North Pole to confront Katiana, a devotee of Sithud, the Demon-Prince of Winter.


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